Architecture Jobs

Architects are generally responsible for designing, planning and implementing any kind of construction project. They play a highly diverse role in building construction and most of the time, go out to specialize on a kind of field in the construction industry. For those of you who are interested in this kind of career, read on and learn about the different roles that architects play in the business. Here they are listed below.

Architecture Interior Designing Jobs

Interior designers are responsible for the making the creative concept of the building. The designs created are based on various features – such as the available space, building codes and regulations. And most importantly, it should be able to meet the needs and the preferences of the client. For this particular field, architects need to have a lot of creativity and innovation to be able to bring client’s visions and concepts to life.

Architecture Project Manager Jobs

Although anyone on the company can hold this position, architects are usually the most preferred people for the job. This is primarily because architects are more knowledgeable about construction principles than other professionals. Thus, they are more capable of managing construction projects and solving problems on the field as they come.

Architecture Professional Consultant Jobs

Architects that work as professional consultants are usually a part of a firm that specializes in certain kinds of construction projects. Some professionals, who have become well-known in the industry however, can choose to work as a freelance consultant or even start their very own consultation agency together with a group of engineers, project managers and other architects.

Architecture Teachers/Instructors Jobs

Licensed architects can also opt to work for the academe as teachers or instructors. They can work in universities or in community colleges that offer an architectural degree program. In the United States, the demands for architect instructors are rising because of the many colleges that are opening their very own architect degree programs.

Architecture Renovation Specialists Jobs

Architects are not only responsible for creating new buildings but for renovating and restructuring existing ones as well. There are certain unique principles to renovation projects that architects may need to pay attention to. Courses covering these kinds of principles can easily be available online for those who are interested to specialize in this kind of field.

Remember, if you want to become a licensed architect and be able to get a architecture job in any one of these specializations, you must be enrolled in an accredited architect degree program first. After this, you also need to pass the licensure exam. Before you do so, you should also have at least 3 years of work experience in the field. Most of the specializations mentioned above may require you to have advanced schooling aside from your basic B.S. degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the demand for architecture jobs to increase in the next ten years. With this, competition for positions in the industry may increase as well. This demand is primarily attributed to the country’s rising population and the increasing need for more homes, offices, schools and other public or private structures. Many experts say that this is probably the perfect time for the young population to start investing in a architecture career.

Starting An Architecture Career

Are you considering a architecture career? If so then you may be venturing down the road of a highly competitive yet rewarding profession.

An architecture job  is certainly not an easy one. It is, however, a very important job because without the work of talented architects, our civilization would not be much of a civilization. Architects are those that put forth the creative talent and the legwork needed to design buildings and various other structures such as bridges, stadiums, and the like. When you see a truly brilliantly designed building, you can rest assured that you are looking at the amazing work of a highly creative architect.

Creativity, while a noble attribute, is not the prime attribute of a professional architect. Such brilliantly skilled individuals are also responsible for making sure the design of the building adheres to high standards of safety and appropriate functionality.

In comparison to other careers, relatively few people work as architects and this is likely due to the specialized skills. Roughly 140,000+ professionals work as architects. Most work for private firms and a slim percentage work in the government sector. One of the more surprising facts about a architecture career is roughly 1/5th of all architects are self-employed.

One thing that those hoping to work as an architect will find appealing is the fact that very few people have the background, education, and skills to work as an architect. As such, those that pursue this profession will likely find it quite stable once you have become well established.

Of course, architecture is a learned skill and that means you will need to attend some sort of architecture school. There are degrees offered on the undergraduate level and the Master’s level. Is it necessary to hold a Master’s degree in architecture in order to succeed in this field? The answer to this is debatable. Some have succeeded greatly with a Master’s degree and others have succeeded without one. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to select the appropriate path based upon their own individual needs and background.

Regardless of whether or not you have a Master’s Degree, you will need to acquire a license to work as an architect in the United States. In order to acquire a license, you must have an accredited professional degree from some sort of architecture school, a training period or extensive period of interning, and pass all required tests in order to be licensed. Even after you have acquired a license, this may not be the end of the proverbial road for your requirements to work as an architect. You may need to continue your education in certain areas in order to have your license is renewed. Don’t worry. If you are a skilled architect then you likely will not have a difficult time meeting all requirements to be properly licensed.

A architecture career is not a difficult path to follow. However, it does require a series of definitive steps to be taken in order to effectively enter the field. Such steps are worth it because architecture jobs can be a truly rewarding career to be a part of.