Architecture Schools

There are now a rising number of universities and colleges that offer architectural degrees. Although this is also a good thing, the huge number of choices can make it especially difficult to choose which school to get your degree from. So for all you aspiring architects who Architecture Schools still have no idea on where to go, here are a few helpful tips on how to go about choosing the right architect school.

Decide On a Specific Architecture Degree

There are actually several types of architecture degrees offered by various schools and deciding on what specific degree to get can help you narrow down your choices. The first option is to get a 5-year Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture. The second is to enter into a B.S. degree on another course and move on to specialize on Architecture in your Master’s Degree. M.S. degrees on Architecture will usually last for about 3 – 5 years. Those who took the first option can also opt to advance their education by taking the M.S. degree as well. Although getting an M.S. degree takes a lot more time, they usually have a huge edge in the architecture job market over the B.S. degree holders.

Finding Accredited Programs

Architects can only be licensed if they graduate from an accredited degree program. In Canada and the US, architectural schools are accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) and the National Architectural Accrediting Board, respectively. So if you plan to get licensed, make sure that you find a school that offers duly accredited degree programs. You can easily find this list of schools online.

Architecture School Ranks

Architecture schools in the country also follow a ranking system. A single board evaluates accredited schools according to their performance. The best way to look for the country’s top ranking architecture schools is by looking at general college and university program rankings. There are also certain manuals such as America’s Best Architecture and Design Schools that independently review and rate architecture schools according to a certain set of criteria. Apart from that, you can also try visiting prospective schools and ask advice from people who go there.

Architecture Schools Online

Architectural classes online can be a great introductory course to take. Online courses can introduce you to basic theories and principles and even give you credits that you can carry on as you take your actual B.S. degree in the future. There are also online classes offered for those who want to take more advanced classes after their B.S. and M.S. degrees. Some will require you to attend conferences and seminars before you earn a certificate or a degree from these online courses.

Architecture Training Programs

If you do not want to spend too much time earning a B.S. degree, then you can always enroll yourself in an architecture training program. Technical and art schools for instance, can teach you practical skills such as home and architectural design and drafting. There are accredited and non-accredited architecture training programs all over the world that you can select from.

Remember, your educational background can help you jump start your architecture career. So always take time to look for the right school and invest in a good architecture program today.